Fighting Malaria

Kids Aid Tanzania has protected some 20,000 children from malaria by distributing World Health Organisation-approved bed nets.   Every 45 seconds a child under the age of 5 dies from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.   Millions of children get sick from the disease.   It is caused by the bite of the female anopholes mosquito which is active from dusk to dawn.   Sleeping under a long-life insecticide-impregnated bed net provides protection.   Nets are only given out after people have been educated on how malaria is caused.   We aim to distribute 1,500 nets every year.


Click here to see a video of our distribution of 3,200 nets in the Bugarika squatter settlement


Click here to see a video of our distribution of 2,700 nets to 15 villages on Ukerewe Island and  to schools, colleges, health centres and a hospital in the Masai region around Arusha


Click here to see photos of some of the orphanages and street children's centres who have benefitted

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